2015 - Life on a Coral Reef

This adventure began quite simply …  I was watching a pottery demo by Yoshitaka Hasu at the North Carolina Potters Conference in March and decided to try his hand building technique with a large volume of clay.

By mid-April, I had about 60 lbs of clay ( and growing ) on my workshop table morphing into a Coral Mound destined for my garden. Once I saw it was going to be a Reef, I decided make make other smaller sandy looking coral outcrops.

Then, of course, I needed fish …

and sponges …

and anemones ...

and seashells  ..

Now finally in mid-October the project is done and ready to install … except the small coral mounds are too wonderful to put outside in  my garden … at the mercy of the elements. Finding good homes is the next step.

If you would like to see these or purchase one please contact Carolina Creations


lotr-1502a-4x6w med
4-lotr-1517-4x6w med
2-lotr-1507a-4x6w med
duo-1519-4x6-w med
2-lotr-1508-detail-5x5w med

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