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Meanwhile, firings go well

Even though part of my studio is dedicated to my new ideas on layering the work, the rest of my pottery still gets designed and fired. Here is an example of the beautiful pieces emerging from my kiln this month. Bowls, serving trays, dishes in a wealth of fabulous color.

New work 11:2013

In the studio, the experiments with forms and glazes goes on.


The progress through each stage gets noted on a card and kept with the work in progress. There are a couple I like too much to keep messing with so they will be set aside. My next firing will be a low fire to test a lichen type glaze on the outside.

The second generation of forms builds on what I learned in the previous firing. I can lose an entire day's work when the form does not shape up on the table as wonderfully as it did in my mind at 3:00 am. I sure wish the middle of the night ideas all worked out in the light of day.

Back to work now.

Kiln Open and ready for the next step

I have finished the jurying for the 2014m Potters Council Show and it is going to be FABULOUS ... the Membership is incredibly talented so it was a pleasure to do this job.


So, with that done ... 

I got my first test kiln loaded and fired .... here is an image of the bottom shelf where the newest work was.

I was pleased there was no warping and the forms are self supporting which always saves a lot of work.

I had a few UGLY pots, several so/so and a couple that are heading in the right direction.

Yellow-to-PinkYellow all

It is very early days yet, but I am very pleased with the results.

The second firing will be a low firing to test some other glaze treatments.

I will keep you, my Blog fans, posted.

A ..... pause .... in the action

Yes, I am itching to get back into the studio and test glazes and finishes on my new pots ... BUT ... 

I have the honor of being the juror who selects the Artworks to be displayed in the 2014 Potters Council Show "Transcending Materials" to be shown in conjunction with the NCECA Conference in Milwaukee next March.

I am pleasantly surprised to find this job so rewarding and interesting. The range of works that have been submitted is amazing; the pieces are well thought out and executed. Potters Council enjoys a huge amount of talent in its Membership.

Some jump out immediately as perfect and others sneak into my brain through well thought out statements summarizing the paths the potters took to get to the work. I am really glad these statements are required as the stories are sometimes as fascinating as the Artwork.

Unfortunately, some works with 'Show' potential are totally killed by bad photos. During my "Business of Pottery" lectures I always stress the importance of images in a world where you are judged by them.

Yes, all the visual input I get on their Artwork comes from the artist via the images they chose to submit. This is an area where they had absolute control and some did not take advantage of this.

So, here I am, still at the computer ... looking somewhat longingly over my shoulder at my own studio ... but at the same time blown away by the talents of others.

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