Balloons . 1

Yes, it is the new improved balloon program ... the Beta version!

The balloon shape and color flow reminded me of the ocean.  I pictured a form that resembled the ocean with color changes and wave patterns all around it ... and that quite naturally led to fish.


One of the things I love best about scuba diving is watching the formations and movements of the schools of fish.


It is quite amazing to watch thousands of fish move through the oceans as though they were one large animal. No fish ever seems to miss the cue and zag left when the rest go right. Amazing. 

I needed to design and execute a cane pattern of a school of fish. 

There were many problems to solve in creating the fish themselves, then more problems as to how to make them appear to be moving across the pot rather than static.

One week later, I had two canes ready and proudly called my hubby in to check them out. He stood silently for a while and like anyone facing unrecognizable artwork asked kindly what it was. 


Hmmmm ... here's hoping it looks better in context! This is it bisque fired. It SO looks like fish if you already know what it is supposed to be.


Just look at how I imagined these little fish would flow across that pot.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I created seven pots with these fish on them. I used the balloons to form them.


They will be drying under this plastic for about two weeks. I monitor them every day to make sure they are not drying too fast. They need to dry slowly enough so nothing cracks.

The worst thing I could do right now is to get anxious to see them and try to rush the process.


They are paper thin and some areas only have the fish and no backing at all.

Weird to think it will be September before I can fire these to see if my idea worked.

NOTE: the neck of the balloon is not fully inflated so as to absorb pressure as the clay dries. I only hope I have left enough room to make sure they don't crack before they can support themselves. Then, I can let the air out of the balloon and hope for the best.

*** UPDATE ***

After drying for two days, the forms began to crack because the balloons did not have enough room to shrink ... I think I should use bigger balloons next time ... or not build so high up the sides ... or ... I could have made a small hole to let a bit of air out and then sealed it back up. Always learning!

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