Beyond "Marbled" is the place to go

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and posting this to give you all a fresh idea to take into 2015 ... and a challenge too!

For the past few months I have been experimenting with pattern and color placement during throwing. 

Let me say right at the outset that I am NOT a great thrower ... I used to be, but since I seldom throw, my skills now are probably somewhere around advanced beginner .... BUT .... I really wanted to try a lot of different ways to use color in throwing and since there was only me around  to do this, I started some testing.

First I made a large sheet of blended color using the Skinnner Blend method, and cut off thin slices to use to create the patterns. I used the colors without adding white areas so I could clearly see what was happening.

Color-sheet Slice

I rolled, stacked and shaped them in many ways. I left some of the stripes thick and others I rolled very thin.


I then threw them in two ways. Either flat as above or on their sides. 

In order to throw them I slammed them onto the wheel after patting them into a roundish shape. I did not have many air holes to deal with.


As I threw I noticed the soft blurring of the colors. 


I expected this and knew that the real results would come with trimming.

Leave your bowls thick enough so you can trim both the inside and outside. 

You might also want to carve through the layers to get some interesting patterns.

Another good trick is to cut off the lip of the bowl with an exacto knife or a very sharp needle tool ... a lovely pattern appears across the top.

As you trim the patterns emerge in various ways as you cut through the layers. You decide on your stopping point when you like it.


I was able to throw fat stripes, narrow stripes and a mix of both.



These pots are the results of this type of clay roll. 


These two pots show the regular stripes on the left and a combination of thin and thick stripes on the right.

Stack-2 Thick-thinMG 0707Thin&thick-stripes

This is the carved pot.



I encourage you all to try some experiments that takes wheel thrown colored clay WAY BEYOND mashing two colors together to get some marbled effect.

You can easily slam layer two colors into thick or thin stripes. You can lay them flat or on the side. Try rolling them up and throwing them.  I think the bowls would be even lovelier with white clay added for contrast.

There is a whole world of possibilities and if a potter with my basic throwing skills can do it, imagine what someone who can throw really well could do!! TRY IT!!


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