"Inspired by Nature"

"Inspired by Nature" 

... this is probably the most common theme on Artist's statements ... but really ... how hard would it be NOT to find inspiration in the majesty of this beautiful blue planet of ours?

I have realized that of late, my inspiration is coming from the hardier and less admired parts of Nature ... weeds.


Yes, those stubborn little plants that can latch on to the smallest hint of earth and somehow thrive.


Yes, you could come by with weed killer today but I guarantee another would sprout up in a day or two.

weed 1

Just try winning the battle against a plant with this amount of determination ... no matter how many times you pave over it, plaster around it, brick under it or step on it ... 

no way is it giving up.


So, I think it is a great part of Nature to take inspiration from if you are an artist.

Do any of these weeds have more talent than a rose?

Do they get an advantage from who they know?

How many times do they get a "NO" yet  soldier on?

A discouraging word has yet to faze them.


And ... if you ignore them long enough they will overrun the largest cities humankind has erected because they just do not give up!


Artists with this kind of stubborn persistence in the face of adversity build cathedrals ....

paint masterpieces of Art


and create the fabulous pottery that survives the centuries and the passing of civilizations.

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