My new ‘2016 To-Do’ List


Right now I have one big goal. 

Taking a pottery throwing class session.

WOW! Huge right? … no?? 

Well yes, I do kind of know how to throw but since I have not seriously thrown a form in fifteen years I am positive it is worth my while to take at least one session of classes.


I want to explore all the ways a person could use colored clay and colored clay patterns and designs in throwing and in thrown vessels. The only way to do this in a productive manner is to throw the work myself. 

I tried throwing experiments this past year and quickly realized I have lost the ability to make anything taller than 4” or to make the form I want rather than what the clay tells me it is going to make.


So the first line of attack is getting back my throwing skills. 

Then I am going to try everything … inside, outside and all around. Lamination, inlay, sgraffito, clay slip layers, textures, carving … I want to see what happens. I am tired of seeing swirly colors being offered as the only way to throw colored clays.

Hopefully by year end I will have put my money where my mouth is and can offer a teaching section devoted to throwing this marvelous colored clay.

Wish me luck.

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