MAY 2016

It is now the end of May and I have approximately 70 bowls thrown for color tests.


As promised, I have tried every way I can think of to throw with color clay and colored clay patterns. I have found ways I believe will achieve predictable patterns and will be repeatable. 


I have been able to place color where and how I wanted it on the surface of a pot. They are all this shape  because I want to study the outside of the pot more than the inside. Obviously I will be able to see both surfaces but I will be working on the inside surface in the next test segment. Wide bowls, plates and platters … maybe by late fall.

As always with colored clay they key factor for success is TIME. Yes, giving the clay time to even out and meld together. Once I got into the rhythm of making the tests one day and throwing them the next it got much easier!


I came across a U Tube video by Tineke van Gils where she demos inserting a band of color into a plain white thrown vessel. I was able to do this fairly well so it was nice to be able to see the patterns after the pot was thrown.


I have also been able to plan and place the designs on the bottom of the pots. This is great because it is always fun to have a surprise waiting on the bottom of a pot!

So right now they are drying and of course they all look perfect … after the firing I expect to see a lot of warping, cracking and skewing so I am just going to enjoy looking at them all nice and perfect for a bit!!

NEXT STEP … sanding. Not exactly the glamour part of the job.

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