What I did on my Autumn vacation ...

This October we went on a long awaited vacation trip to Spain. The Spanish have a long tradition of creating beautiful pottery and tiles ... and like me, they love to use color. I was looking forward to days and days of color and design and I did indeed find beauty around every corner.


Everywhere, colored tiles on walls, columns, buildings. 

How wonderful that the most useful objects such as benches and railings are covered in the long lasting brilliance of tiles.


What I did not expect was to be inspired by the abundance of patterns, layers and textures everywhere. 

They do not crave 'plain & simple' in Spain! Every surface presents an opportunity for artistic expression. 

SidewalkIMG 0695

I thought I would be the tiles that stayed with me and inspired me but not so. I will be injected some color into these patterns for my new 2015 work!

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