Welcome to my Studio

This is my studio in the upstairs area of my home. People think I am crazy to carry my clay up and down stairs, but for me being up in the trees makes it totally worthwhile.


My main work surface is a large, canvas covered piece of hardibacker board screwed into a smaller table top. I am re-thinking the canvas in favor of a less dusty solution but not settled on one yet.


My table is raised on cinder blocks to a comfortable level for working standing or sitting. 

I can also work from both sides of this table which makes it very handy to move clay from the slab roller.

As you can see, most of my wall space is covered with shelves. You can never have enough shelves.

My drying racks are covered with plastic sheets so I can control the process. Plastic sheets can also be hung top to bottom to enclose the entire shelf.


I was lucky to find old refrigerator shelves which are perfect for drying. They should never warp and the air circulates beautifully around the work.

My light box set up for photography is in my packing room. It's a basic EZ Cube set. It stays out of the way on a high shelf until needed. I can set it up in a couple minutes.


My hard working kilns are in the garage. This is also where I throw pots, glaze them or make molds. It is the easiest area to clean.

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