Chris Campbell 

I have been creating my beautiful Nerikome Artwork since 1989.

Chris Campbell Frost on Fire artists sunday

Taught and inspired by Jane Peiser from Penland NC, I am constantly experimenting with color and pattern.  

My hard earned ease with this process results in work that is immediate, fluid and dynamic.


My designs explore the tension of motion and color within the confines of rigid forms.

vessel group


Blue City - We

Chris Campbell, Blue Lagoon series

Floral Bowl 2021

zig zag and floral trays

Plant cells

                    “Notice what you notice” 

We all notice different things. For me it is color and pattern. They are inseparable at the heart of all my Artwork.

The foundation of my ‘Style’, is pattern. Not simply the patterns of North America, but the pattern sense of other cultures. The joyful exuberance of African, Indian, Latin and Islamic patterns influences my work in subtle but important ways. 

My process is not be familiar as there are few colored porcelain Artists.I try to increase these numbers by teaching this process in live and virtual workshops.

I have a commitment to advancing knowledge in this colorful area of the pottery world.


SAS Institute, Raleigh, North Carolina 

North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina 

Clayworks, Melbourne, Australia


"DINNERWORKS" 2006 - Louisville Kentucky

"RALEIGH, NC" Little Art Gallery, Raleigh NC 


"DINNERWARE SHOW" - Gallery Frank, Chapel Hill, NC

"20 POTTERS, 20 TEACHERS" - The Arts Center, Rocky Mount NC

"GREEN" - Potters Council Juried Show 2013, NCECA Houston

"HANDBUILT" Claymakers Gallery, Durham, NC


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NCECA 2007, “Studio Potters – Sharing the Dream” Panelist

NCECA 2008  “Marketing your Pottery to Galleries”, Topical Discussion

NCECA 2012 “On the Edge of Success”, Topical Discussion

NCECA 2013 “Focus your Energy on Success”, NCECA Connection


"Transcending Material" Potters Council Juried Show 2014


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