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This series of Artwork was inspired by a recent visit to Santa Fe, NM during the autumn. The sky is so startlingly blue and the light is so striking that all these fabulous colors shout out to be captured in Artwork. It is no accident that it is the hub of an eclectic Art scene.


These Artworks are all inspired by the wild beauty of flowers. Who can resist the urge to showcase nature?


  URBAN & SUBURBAN CONFLUX                           

This series addresses the constant battle for space between man and nature. On one side nature wins and on the reverse mankind wins the “space race”.

I noticed that no matter how completely we try ti cover the earth with solidity … a little weed will sneak up through any crack to grow and claim the space.



Porcelain is a harsh mistress that punishes the potter for even the slightest lack of attention by warping or cracking or both. We constantly try to get the surface perfect.

One day I decided to let the porcelain do anything it wanted … I would just build and let it do its thing. I chose the image of perfection … the Nautilus … for it to do its thing.

I loved the results.


This series is a meditation on the journey of Life. Its all about the connections we make and take or leave behind.

This road is not straight, the colors change as do our moods and seasons … but the journey is lovely and worth taking time to enjoy.

3-vessels-web med


This series was designed for small spaces and personal enjoyment. These small vessels had a very tactile surface so were meant to be held and discovered.



I love the incredible colors of the ocean. Whether the incredible blues of the Pacific or the intense brilliance of the Caribbean, they soothe the mind and refresh the spirit.                             

“DIVA” Dinnerware

I made this set of dishes for the 2006 Dinnerware Show in Louisville KY. It is the only set of dishes I have made.

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