pots & flowers

I decided to create a floral installation for my own yard with colored porcelain.

I wanted to work quickly so added a slurry of flax and clean office paper to both the white and colored porcelain. This particular porcelain is very finicky but a paper inclusion totally tamed it into a very friendly clay.

building the colored porcelain flowers

Since I was working with paper porcelain I was able to dry the flowers overnight without any special care. 

colored paper porcelain flowers drying

They were durable so I did not lose a single flower during the process.

Colored paper porcelain flowers in kiln

The first firing was in oxidation to Cone 04

colored paper porcelain flowers ready to glaze

Here they are, ready for glazing.

glazed colored paper porcelain flowers in kiln

 I tinted the glaze so that I could easily see where it was.

Glazed and being loaded to be fired to Cone 6 Ox.

Cone 6 fired colored paper porcelain flowers

Kiln cooled and open on a very successful firing.

gluing leaves to porcelain flowers

The next step involves gluing the leaves to the flowers. After the glue was dry and set, I installed them around my yard.


orange single

I glued nails to the base of these single blooms so I could push them into the soil.

blue & moss

blue & house

A blossom near an 'Italian Villa' luminary I made many years ago.

A Tower from the Italian Villa series. The aged white crackle is a lichen glaze by Lana Wilson. The chimney vents the heat from a candle placed inside.



These ‘gardenias' catch the dappled sunlight

blue flowers with house

This series was a great success. My neighbors are intrigued by my permanent flowers.


 © Chris Campbell 2019