What is a Video Workshop?

Chris Campbell's video workshop is hosted by the Sonoma Community Center

There are 8 videos you watch from the comfort of home online at Vimeo. Each video lasts between 1 - 1 1/2 hours. 

You can work along at your own pace with the video lesson as your guide.

How long can I have the Colored Clay Workshop?

You have two options.

1. You can ‘rent’ them for 90 days from the day you register for the class.

2. You can buy 'Lifetime Viewing’ when you register or later on. 

There is an extra charge for lifetime viewing but no time limit on using this option. You can add this at any time.

What can I expect to learn from a video workshop?

You will learn everything you need to know to begin working with stained, colored clay. Your video workshop is loaded with demos, lectures, tips and inspiring ideas. 

Chris covers every aspect of the process from choosing your clay, creating patterned canes, hand building and  firing your finished pieces. She teaches Nerikomi processes for creating designs. You will be able to create lovely colored clay pottery with confidence.

CLICK -  to see the Table of Contents of every video

Is there any personal interaction with the instructor?

YES! Each workshop has 4 live Zoom meetings on the schedule. Zoom is free to join. These sessions are recorded and sent to all class members afterwards so even if you cannot be on the call you will still get all of the information shared.

Where else can I ask questions or post images?

Chris has a Facebook Group for Students ONLY. She checks the page several times a day so your questions will be answered promptly. This is a great place to meet the other students and share your progress.

In future, Chris hopes to host occasional Zoom calls for students in this group.

How does this compare with a hands on workshop?

This is the ultimate Workshop experience. 

You will see more information presented, more demonstrations of techniques, more discussions and presentations than could ever be done in a live workshop. 

You ALWAYS have the front row seat!

Due to the very nature of live workshops there is not always time for this high volume of demos … students want time to work and chat. Also, information overload is not fun.

With this online presentation,  you run the workshop at your pace. If you miss a point, you simply rewind. If you want to see something again, you go to the time stamp. If you want to see anything again and again … you can. You are in charge.

What will I miss if I enroll after the posted start date?

You will miss nothing at all. 

You get access to ALL of the videos for 90 days from the time you register. Since it is a virtual classroom, you can join anytime and watch on your schedule. Even if you cannot attend a Zoom chat, a copy of each one will be sent to your e-mail.

How about the cost? Is it worth the price?

This course clearly presents more information than a standard five day Workshop.

The plus factor is you get all this without the additional expenses of travel, food and lodging.

You get to learn at your own pace, in your own home.

You always have the front row seat.

Are there any payment options for the class?

Yes, the Sonoma Community Center is open to a payment schedule. They are good folks and will work with you to try to solve any issues.

Can I buy single videos rather than the whole class?

This might be an option in the future but at this point Chris highly recommends you take the whole class if you have no experience in coloring clays with stains. 

The videos build on one another. They are linked and information presented in one area is not repeated in another so you might not get the full value from a stand alone video. 

In order to give you the very best experience Chris recommends the whole session.

Do I have to watch them in order?

NO. This is your workshop. You are the boss. Skip around, watch ahead, go in order … whatever works for YOU.

I don’t live in the U.S.A. Is that a problem?

NO. Anywhere you can get online to access Vimeo will work. 

What if I cannot get your kind of clay or stains?

You can color ANY clay with ANY stains that are available in your area. This workshop is designed to let you work with materials that are easy for you to obtain. Chris will teach how to mix the colors and test the results regardless of the particular clay or stain.

Will I learn how to do Nerikomi?

Yes. Chris is experienced with this beautiful skill and will lead you through  every step.

Do I need special equipment?

Most of the tools you need are probably in your studio right now. 

Here is a list of items you might want to have on hand.

Do I need to be an experienced potter?

NO. Some basic knowledge of clay will be useful but even the most experienced potters can be brand new to colored clay.



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