“It’s the herringbone!!"

It is not the most complicated pattern to make but it takes a bit of planning and concentration. It is the key to many designs students want to execute, so here is the lesson.

Place any striped or patterned loaf on the table with the side you want to see the pattern on FACING UP. This works best on the longer side of the loaf.

Then you slice off the end at the angle you want for your herring pattern. 

Then lift this piece and move it across the top of the loaf to the opposite flat end of the loaf  - without turning it - just tap it into place on the end with the colors matching.

Place that freshly cut angled end down and cut slices between your two measured rulers.

Flip the slices to make your pattern.You can put slip between the slices to join them or thin slices of clay for a different design.

Often you can cut a slice off the bottom of the finished loaf and place it on the top to give you a square finished loaf.

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Thanks to Heidi McKenzie for all the workshop images!

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