Let’s talk GLAZES

The best glaze advice I can give you is to find a good zinc free clear glaze to use.


I like the Amaco series HF9 Zinc-Free Clear. It is a glossy transparent glaze that produces attractive high fire glossy effects at mid-range, Cone 5-6 temperatures. You can buy this glaze at almost any pottery supply place.


Zinc can cause some pigments in slips and underglazes to shift in color, this clear glaze is formulated to prevent those color shifts.


If you like to mix your own glazes here is a good Cone 5-6 zinc free clear glossy.

Cone 6 Zinc Free Clear

Wollastonite      20.0

Frit 3124           20.0

Kaolin               20.0

Silica                20.0

Custer Feldspar  20.0


This is a gorgeous eggshell finish that is low gloss and lovely.

Cone 6 eggshell matte glaze 

Wollastonite           26.2

Ferro Frit 3124       34.9

EPK Kaolin            34.0

Silica                      4.9

Mix to a skim milk consistency.

Apply thin. Fire to Cone 6

Non-glaze finish to leave a light sheen on NON-FUNCTIONAL wares.

This solution causes the surface of the clay to flux slightly so you get a very low, lustrous sheen. I do not recommend using this on food bearing surfaces. I would not say it was water tight either. Just for pretty things!

1 part soda ash to 3 parts boiling water.

Make only enough for the current pots and DO NOT put the leftovers down your drains. I think it could corrode your plumbing, so discard safely. I let mine dry out.

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