Intention in your work

* Intention 

- an idea or plan of what you are going to do.

 - a determination or plan to do a specific thing.

as opposed to

- aimlessness, chance occurrence, digressions. 

I would like you to consider the idea of adding ‘Intention’ to your work. Look at the images below taken from a facebook page “JTMcMaster Artisanal Ceramics. 


Here is a very simple idea. This is one cane where the colors are stacked vertically so each slice produces a different color.

A little planning in your design gives you many colored flowers rather than one flower with many colors.


Notice how many ways the artist found to design a heart.

The groupings are held together by the similarities of liveliness, background design and color. 

You would easily know they were made by the same person. For the sales person, I point out that many price points are covered to encourage sales.

Dishes brownBlue Vases

Another elegant idea.

Could a pattern get much simpler yet still capture the imagination?

Variations on blue and white … one of the all time favorite combinations for porcelain people.

The patterns are not complex but the results are gorgeous and they make lovely combinations.


Another simple idea taken to a gorgeous conclusion.

Notice how the dishes could be mixed because they all relate to each other in at least on or two colors.

Nell 3

Now, take a moment to admire the work of Nell Hazinski. a potter in Pennsylvania. Though the brown hues come from wood firing, the simple pattern are definitely a WOW factor on any set of plates or wall tiles.


Go beyond making canes and images that ‘sort of’ end up looking like you wanted them to … stepping up to planning and executing a specific idea. Taking your idea from sketch to color to cane to object … all the while,  keeping on course.


An idea goes from pencil to color … then to cane and finished vase. 


I can imagine you saying to yourselves that the one above is too complex … so let's move back a bit and try putting the same steps into action at a simpler level.

ALL STEPS can be arranged focusing on how you think/work.

Choose your actual design idea

Choose your color palette

Make a few sketches and color them in

Mix your colors and secondary shades

Test fire your colors to make sure they are right

( If you don’t have a test kiln right now, cross your fingers and go! )

Plan your cane/canes color placement before you start

Make your canes paying close attention to your sketches

Use your canes to make at least 3-4 pieces that go together either by pattern, color, background or shapes.

POST pictures of your progress and your results on the facebook group “Color/Colour in Clay


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