John C Campbell Folk School - 2019

IMG 5576

I had a great group of very talented potters who were totally into color. They were eager to work and … luckily for me … totally aware of the risks we were taking with rushing the making process.

IMG 5529

We created our patterned canes, then made trays with them as this is a fairly forgiving form to dry quickly.

Luckily the Folk School has a drying cabinet which allowed me to regulate a gentle drying process.

We took a class vote and decided to go for it and bisque fire them Wednesday night. Gutsy group!!

IMG 5532

Here they are cooling off in the early morning of Thursday just before we took them in to glaze.

IMG 5550

We were treated to a demo of a "new to me” laminating technique perfected by Dean McRaine in Hawaii. 

I’m thrilled to get his permission to teach this cool method to all my students in future classes.

IMG 5549

IMG 5543

I also demo'ed the friendship bracelet cane which was invented by another of my students … one of the joys of teaching workshops is the learning goes in both directions. 

IMG 5554

'Starry Night' cane made from this process.

Here are the trays glazed to Cone 5 electric.

IMG 5564
IMG 5565

My special THANKS to this great group who shared and dared!!


 © Chris Campbell 2019