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This page is a tribute to my talented students and a promise to anyone who is thinking of taking a workshop. YOU will be able to work successfully with colored clay after my workshop!

Most of my students had no prior experience with colored clay. Many tried using stains at some point but never had predictable success. The work you see here is what followed from five days in my colored clay class.

Erika Sanger - Sugar Maples 2018   


Alexandra McCurdy ... Naples Class of 2014

Even though I cannot take any credit for the talent she has that led her to be inducted into the Royal Academy of Arts in Canada in  2015, I will proudly show the colored clay touches she now adds to her remarkable pieces.

Spruill Workshop group piece  -  2017

Karen Phillips  … Sugar Maples Class of 2018


Karen Phillips  ... Touchstone Class of 2015

Yvonne Cooper ... Pinecroft Class of 2014

Bonnie Shileny ... John Campbell Folk School 2013

Remember this pattern Bonnie made during the class ... well, here are some of the pieces she recently made from it in 2014.

If you wrap the canes and keep them moist they last a long time.

Barbara Creighton ... Touchstone Class of 2015

Karen Phillips ... Touchstone Class of 2015

Mike Bleavins ... Pinecroft Class of 2014

Heidi McKenzie ... Pinecroft Class of 2014

Cairo Cocalis ... John Campbell Folk School 2013

Carol Smeraldo ... Pinecroft Class of 2014

Jessica Rosenberg ... Naples Class of 2014

Unha Hill ... Pinecroft Class of 2014

Patsy Granstrom ... Class of 2013

John Campbell Folk School, 2013

Beverley Blitzer 


Barbara Tilley


Amy Wandless  

Fred Freeman

Cathy Burchell ... Touchstone Class of 2015


Eleanor Broaded

Rachel Chang

Kay Jones

Sally McCollum

Sandra Dee Butler


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