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Let’s consider the huge idea of the striped pattern. 

CUT stripes

It’s easy to notice the obvious ones.

STRIPES are everywhere

Sometimes we miss the unusual or subtle ones. 

Rock levels

 There is a wide variety of patterns we call call stripes. 

rock wall image

These rock stripe formations are simple to see … 

Rocks vertical

Rock pattern spainstrataCL

but …

how about this sidewalk?

I see at least 6 rows of stripes here. 

This pot design was inspired by the the images above.

I created striped layers using color as well as textures.

Russian tents

These tents are a mixture of simple stripes and stripes made of patterns.

Diva vase CL

I took this idea to a vase form that is also stripes of patterns.

tree trunk

Side by side SF CL

A tree trunk is a maze of stripes and an inspiration for these vases.


Diva stripe

This fence is adorned with flowing fabrics to keep wild animals away.

It inspired the pattern below.

Sunrise CL

This sunrise inspired the bowl pattern.

Often the relationship is so subtle … no more than a feeling. 


When you are creating a striped cane, ignore any ideas of limitations. Make a stripe however you want. The very simplest idea is to stack your colors with a bit of slip between them. 

building a stripe

striped canes

BUT ... you can stack them in random sizes and shapes. Thick or thin or any kind of mix.

stripe with extrusions

Add some extruded coils to a stripe and see what an interesting pattern you create.

Two sets of stripes but who would look at these vessels and have their first thought be - striped pots!

aspen loaf

Do you see stripes or tree trunks or anything else???


The challenge is to look around for stripes that catch your eye and try to execute them in clay. Here are a few images that capture some of my ideas of what stripes are.

Mirror Lake

sunrise africa


Rocky beach


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