This is the Best Workshop for anyone who wants to learn the basics of working with colored clay. 

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The free tutorials available online are hit and miss. You get a quick snapshot of a technique, but you do not get a sense of the whole process.

I teach you step by step ... all the way from choosing your clay and stains to the final firing of your work.

10 1/2 hours of solid skills teaching.

I have been working with colored porcelain since 1991 and teaching live colored clay workshops for over twenty years. I know from experience what your needs might be.

I believe this is the best workshop I have ever taught ... it is crammed full of more information than I have ever been able to present over five days. 

The eight videos are your front row seat to a fabulous adventure in colored clay and nerikome.

HERE is a link to Frequently Asked Questions

If you are not a Beginner but only want to learn certain aspects, you can buy or rent the videos one at a time.

Here is a link to the Table of Contents of the Series so you can make the best choice.

How can I get the Colored Clay Workshop videos?

You have two options.

My Vimeo Site

You can rent any single video or all of them for 6 months

You can also buy Lifetime streaming for any or all of them

 Sonoma Community Center

You can rent them for 90 days or buy Lifetime Streaming


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